Here is Kevin Montgomery at his primal beginnings giving fans a preview of the next decade in great Americana music for the British and European audience. Working with the legendary Doug Pettibone, Kevin became a formidable artist. Shortly after these sets at 12 Bar Kevin Montgomery started his first UK tour and the rest is music history.

Watch as John Graveling introduces Kevin Montgomery to the UK. Hear Kevin announce his first ever UK tour starting that August 26, 2000 as Country Nights in The Park. Listen to all the chatter, endless guitar tunings and real sounds from this first real recording of Kevin Montgomery in Europe. Many of these songs were performed for the first time. The first set of the night is featured and delivers over an hour and 45 minutes from the finest of historic Kevin Montgomery

With this recording we find ourselves sitting on another Lost Concert series gem with the introduction of Kevin Montgomery’s reign as King of Americana Music in Europe.

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