Order Sonny George Live @ 12 Bar September 20, 2000 from Rick's Music Archives!
This concert not seen since the live broadcast from Music Tv

Sonny George plays live @ 12 Bar Club in Soho, London on September 20, 2000. The band for this gig consists of Lyn and Boz Boorer along with Jeff Mead. Lyn plays stand up bass while husband Boz Boorer wails on as lead guitar. Jeff Mead plays the twin nect (on regular neck and one baritone) guitar and also a special steel string guitar (actually four steel guitars in mounted on a rack).

Special guest on this concert is Sean MacGoloin who plays the fiddle on a couple tunes and the harmonica on some others near the end of the second set.

There are two complete sets on this DVD for a whole night of entertainment!

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