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David Lowery and Johnny Hickman of Cracker Live

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David Lowery and Johnny Hickman of Cracker with Special Guests Brandy Wood and L.P. from L.P. Band

Ricks Music Archives is proud to present Dave Lowery live from the Acme Underground and part of OnlineTV.com Internet broadcast for MusicTV.com on CMJ Music Marathon week in New York City on Oct 20, 2000.

This was a very special concert at Under Acme during CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. The night was electric with some of the top stars of the day. Cracker’s David Lowery with long time compatriot Johnny Hickman played incredible sets with quick cameos as Brandy Wood came on stage to fill in on some songs chorus’. David called L.P (Laura Pergolizzi of LP Rock) to the stage to showcasing her amazing voice; the crowd was electrified.

OnlineTV.com was taping in the clubs, as always, and captured the live simulcast for the Internet broadcast on MusicTV.com. These original broadcasts have not been seen since 2003 and were stored in Rick Siegel’s Music Archives until now.

We have added a small special video extra on this DVD for you. The extra was a small jam session with Johnny Hickman on mandolin and Thom Jack (of the band The Jax) played after the gig down in the sub-sub level of Under Acme. My experience with Dave Lowery and Johhny Hickman was amazing. They are warm, kind and talented; their stage presence all encompassing and their openness awe inspiring. I am proud to have been there on the day and to have captured it for posterity.

Captured on Sony Digital camera by cameraman Richard Siegel for OnlineTV.com.

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Video: NTSC
Time (with extras): 48 min
Date of Recording: Oct. 20, 2000

OnlineTV was the first website to offer live concerts from the USA and Europe on a daily basis with over 30 concerts a week through its affiliated site MusicTV. VideoSeconds is the preeminent DVD and CD outlet for eclectic and rare music, movies and other paraphernalia.


For those followers of David Lowery who fell for his ignorant rants, here are the rights, as laid out in the contract he signed with me on October 20, 2000:

"Performer acknowledges and agrees that the Recording(s) made by OLTV from the inception of their recording shall be considered "works for hire" for OLTV and that OLTV is and will be the sole owner of all rights, including copyrights, in and to the Performance(s) and the Recording(s) thereof, for all purposes."

If that is not clear enough, the next paragraph reads:

"Performer hereby grants OLTV a royalty free, non-exclusive, worldwide and perpetual license to perform, and to synchronize in timed relation to the Performance, and to use for other purposes (eg., transmitting, exhibiting, manufacturing and distributing), the Music"

So, to fans and Dave, "works for hire" make it mine, manufacturing and distributing is covered under the contract, perpetual means forever, and even the sync rights are covered. We are doing absolutely nothing illegal and are entirely within the rights given us by these artists. Slander spread by those who 12 years later decide otherwise is a criminal action.

You do not have the legal right to distribute dvd of this performance. you may have had the right to broadcast this at one time but distribution for sale of DVDs is completely another matter. consider this official notice that you are infringing our copyright. failure to do so makes you liable for criminal prosecution.

you now have my email.

David Lowery.


It was inconceivable for you to have posted trash like you did on Facebook and to spread your lies, slander, libel and try to interfere in my business. In fact, it is criminal as we explained to your lawyer, who might now make you understand that your whining lies, like this comment you left, are contrary to what you understand or remember.

I am pleased that you remember the live broadcast but are lacking the knowledge, or perhaps you just are a bit too stoned to remember, the contract. Did you lose your copy? I mean it was over 12 years ago.

Your biggest error is in not contacting your lawyer BEFORE you made such public proclamations defaming, slandering, and trying to stop my efforts here. That puts YOU as the criminal by your actions. I am sure your lawyer has explained this to you as your lawyer finally did contact me and has the contract in hand. We continue to exercise our right to use the 1000's of work for hire performances, which include yours.

It might have proved your "coolness" to contact me first, or even as I said above, have your lawyer contact me, BEFORE you showed your true character. You should bless the stars I did not post out the backstage sets with you guys doing drugs!

I am pretty sad to see such great musicians get in such panic and do such stupid things over nothing. You should embrace the history this DVD offers and help promote it. You should do that just to make up for the horrible things you did in public before you contacted your lawyer or me. I lost a lot of respect for you and your criminal actions will be hard to forget unless you comply with the requests I made on your lawyer.

Congratulations on your new tour and hope it is fruitful for you.


PS, as your lawyer said "Don't bother me with your banging your spoon on the high chair."